1. danielkanhai:

    i just hung up a shelf above my desk and feel so accomplished i’m a little grossed out. i didn’t build a hospital. there’s a plank of wood where once there was not and i feel like i just helped a whole village get access to clean drinking water.

  2. biomorphosis:

    Curious Lion cub investigates and smiles for the camera.

  3. mirzers:

    My mom got me a card.

  4. tastefullyoffensive:

The face of no regrets. [x]


    The face of no regrets. [x]

  5. officialannakendrick:


    y’all react to the word sex the way dogs react to the word walk


  6. I take super hot showers because I like to practice burning in hell

  7. lulz-time:

He looks so proud


    He looks so proud

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  8. greencrook:



    There’s a very drunk man down my street who has been flirting with a tree for twenty minutes now.  

    He’s on his knees now. I think he’s proposing. 

    Drunk man currently walking away from the tree, shouting “YOU’RE ALL THE SAME”. 

  9. vanconcastiel:


    so, people keep asking who miranda gunner is, and i’m going to fucking tell you

    you might recognize her name from the post going around with all her “funny” facebook statuses where she’s just a rude cunt to people in the comments. hilarious.

    in any case, this girl constantly bullies people, tells them to kill themselves, threatens them, etc. (as shown here)

    she’s homophobic, racist, and just generally a fucking awful person

    she is personally responsible for the suicide of a girl in my city, bullied her and harassed her and convinced others to do the same until she fucking took her own life

    i just want y’all to be fucking aware before you call her “funny” or whatever for that post of her statuses floating around

    btw, her tumblr url is highmiranda 

    just putting this here so you all know the truth.


  10. sixpenceee:

sorry satan, I was kinda busy


    sorry satan, I was kinda busy

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  11. Warning signs?

    Me: Just so you know, I hang dry all my clothes so on laundry day our apartment is going to look like a closet.

    Him: No it won’t. I’ll throw them on the floor. Then set them on fire…then I’ll dance around them.

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  13. You never truly understand how many stupid people are on this earth until you are in the work force for a couple years. I work with two smart people and the rest have mush for brains. And yet for some reason our management trusts them to care for children….

    Why is the world fucked?